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What is homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy is a way of life that helps in-

  1. Preventing ailments (of body & mind) in a healthy person by enhancing immunity.

  2. Curing ailments in the sick by stimulating a person's self immunity.

  • A Human-being is not just a body but is incorporated with mind and spirituallity. Homeopathy takes all 3 into consideration, and advises-

  1. Eating healthy

  2. Doing regular exercises 

  3. Daily ‘mind exercises’ or meditation for 5-10 minutes morning & evening

  4. Maintaining a strong Immunity by taking ‘constitutional remedy’ (A remedy determined by careful and detailed questioning of the individual, including their past & family history)

  5. A child’s immunity can be strong if the mother takes homeopathy during pregnancy. This helps in comfortable & natural delivery of the newborn too.

  • Homeopathy stimulates immunity in a person by well chosen remedies and can prevent diseases or reduce the intensity of diseases yet to come due to familial predispositions.


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