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What diseases does Homeopathy treat?

Over the ages, Homeopathy has been found to be effective in most of the diseases except life threatening emergencies & surgical conditions. It is found very effective in post-surgical care. Disease diagnosis or name of the disease is not needed for homeopathic treatment.


How does homeopathy work?

‘Homeo’ means similar ‘pathy’ means suffering. When an ailing person comes to a homeopath,

Step1- Individuals are asked in detail about their complaints or what signs and symptoms they are suffering from, their past illnesses since childhood, about their lifestyle, their family (parents, relatives), their mental make-up.....The answers to the above questions help to form a portrait-  portrait of the person.

Step 2- This portrait is matched with the remedy picturesobtained from the ‘provers’ or healthy people who are given remedies as clinical trial.

Step 3- The ‘remedy picture’ that matches the ‘portrait of the person’ best, is given.

Step 4- The remedy strength (1x, 2x...6c,30c,200..,0/1,0/2..) & repetition (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) is determined mainly by the type of disease, the age of the patient.

Step 5- The appropriate remedy is placed on the tongue of the patient or is given to them by olfaction (smell). The remedy stimulates the immune system of the patient to fight back.  


My Consultation-
First Consultation
  • For chronic cases- (lasting around 1.5 hrs & includes 2 initial telephonic follow-ups)- $160
  • For acute cases like sudden sore throats, fever...needing frequent follow-ups- (lasting 30-40 minutes and includes 2 follow-ups either in person or phone)- $ 60 - 80 (depending on complexity in acute flareups of chronic diseases in which consulting time is more)
Follow up 
Follow-ups are very important in both acute and chronic conditions. In acute conditions, the remedy might need to be changed with the frequent change in patient's condition, which is impossible to do without proper follow-up, 1st after 3 doses of the remedy and then after 24 hours. In chronic conditions, first follow-up should be in a week.
  • For acute cases (If needed after the 2 initial follow-ups) - $ 25 - 30  (subject to time taken and complexity of case)
  • For chronic cases needing initially weekly (1st 2 weekly follow -ups covered under the initial consultation), then monthly & later tapering off to 6 monthly follow-ups- $80 
*Currently, homeopathy is not covered under any insurance plan, but flex pay accounts like HSA or FSA usually pay for the consultations
Office Address- Chetna Center. 
                            2303, Camino Ramon, Suite # 208
                            San Ramon, CA- 94583.
                             Phone- 240-281-2754.

Shravani Sengupta,
Tel: 240-281-2754

Services available 
Consultation Hours
  • Weekdays and weekends by appointment only. Call or text 240-281-2754.
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